Our Team has been using essential oils for years and after discovering the unparalleled quality of doTERRA, we are inspired to share these amazingly beautifying and healing allies with you and your family. 

BRIGITTE MARS is an herbalist and nutritional consultant of Natural Health with almost fifty years of experience. She teaches Herbal Medicine at Naropa University, and The School of Health Mastery in Iceland. She has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen, Kripalu, Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Arise, Envision and Unify Festivals, and The Mayo Clinic. She blogs for the Huffington Post and Care2. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild. Brigitte is the author of many books and DVDs, including The Home Reference to Holistic Health and Healing, The Country Almanac of Home Remedies, The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine, Beauty by Nature, Addiction Free Naturally, The Sexual Herbal, Healing Herbal Teas, Rawsome! and co-author of The HempNut Cookbook. Her latest project is a phone app called IPlant. Visit her website at:


Artist, Author and Activist Rainbeau Mars is one of Hollywood's most sought after health and wellness experts. The former face of adidas has sold millions of yoga DVDs worldwide. Her book The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse has been endorsed by notable names from Woody Harrelson to Russell Simmons, David Duchovny and James Cameron. Featuring dozens of plant-based recipes, unique yoga poses, and positive affirmations, the tome takes readers on a journey of food, fitness, and personal awakening! Mars has also previously shared her unique health insights on top tier press outlets including Good Morning America, E! News, and more.

DEBORAH KAGAN helps women conquer self-doubt and indecision to step into their full power, love who they are and live a turned ON life. She is the creator of the Rock Your Mojo™ programs and the author of Find Your ME Spot: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Skin and Live a Turned On Life. Deborah is a popular speaker and has been interviewed on shows such as KTLA Morning News and Dr. Drew Midday Live. Find her socially on all platforms for more MOJO. To access all things mojolicious, visit her at

BRIANA LAZALDE, mama to Dean, began her meditation & yoga practice over 5 years ago. Now, she holds Wellness Consultations at rock climbing gyms, healing centers, yoga studios, reaching corners of National Parks & Non-Profit events as a certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer, Guided Meditation Teacher and doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Visit her website at:

KAMEKO KALI is the Creator of Wild Flourish, Mama to her wild child son, Koa, and an Artivist crafting content and experiences to help people bloom from within. She presently serves as Assistant Manager for Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles and has, thus far, been honored certifications in Holistic Health, Yoga Instruction, Raw/Live Foods Chef Prep and Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching, in addition to integral studies with Essential Oils, Herbalism and Urban Homesteading. Kameko strives to uplift her expanding community with natural solutions that empower personal health and heal the planet. Visit her website at:

CECI TRIGOS  has been a project manager in the digital advertising field for over 7 years and is now interested in applying the knowledge gained to promote sustainable living and using new technologies for greater good. She is now a wellness advocate for Doterra in Mexico City helping to spread the benefits of the earth´s elixirs. She is currently working on an online project to promote healthier living in Mexico. Visit her website at:

LEAH JOINER is a Colonhydrotherapist in L.A. CA using essential oils through healing sessions to calm, heal and restore body's balance and rhythm. Visit her website at:

JENNIFER WEINTZ   is first and foremost an ambassador for health and well being. She works hard to lead by example and inspire others to be the best that they can be by empowering through knowledge, guidance, and inspiration. She believes that too many people settle in life, giving their power away and leaving themselves with a sense of un-fulfillment. "If we all pursued being the best that we can be, we would feel more fulfilled, happy and generally healthier”.  In her own way, she tries to "make the world a more beautiful place from the inside out." She has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. Throughout her natural health journey, she's acquired titles, such as RHN (registered holistic nutritionist), Life Coach, Certified yoga instructor, Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor and competitor, Certified personal trainer, as well as a International and National bikini and figure fitness competitor and coach.  She feels so blessed to work with so many amazing people and loves seeing them achieve what they didn't think they could. Visit her at: